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Thanks for purchasing Cover Mockups Pro. With the main offer you got 100 Photo-Realistic eCover mockups. With the optional "Deluxe" Upgrade offer on this page you can grab an additional 175 mockups in 4 new categories not found in the main offer...

Multi-Product Group Mockups

If you want to create a "big bundle" of multiple products, this set of mockups is for you. These mockups come in a variety of different layouts, each one with multiple different covers.

Isolated Hands Holding Devices

This is a set of mockups where hands are holding different devices and items like: Phones, business cards, laptops, and posters. These mockups also come on transaprent background, so you can put them on top of any other design or website.

Video Mockups

With this set of mockups you can put your videos inside the screens of real world devices. Put your videos inside laptops, desktops, and tablets. It's a cool way to show off your videos.

NOTE: These video mockups are editable with a free video editor called Hitfilm Express. I will show you where to download it and how to use it.

"Real World" Mockups

With this set of mockups you get to put your images inside devices that are in the real world. Put your images inside laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, billboards, business cards, multi device sets, and more.

More Details On What You get...

Isolated Hands Holding Devices

Video Mockups

"Real World" Mockups





eBook Readers

Business Cards & Billboards

Multi-Device Sets

And more...

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