Create Amazing Looking
3D Product Covers In Minutes

No Design Experience & No Photoshop Required!

  • Save BIG on designer fees.
  • Give your products an instant makeover.
  • Re-Brand PLR products & make your bonuses look more valuable.
  • Create unlimited eCovers for yourself & your clients (commercial / developer license included)
  • Over 100 mockups to choose from (books, software boxes, reports, devices, and more).
  • Super high quality, photo-realistic, and HD.
  • Brand new and not available anywhere else.
  • Edit eCovers using cloud based graphics editor (or use Photoshop if you prefer).

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Cover Mockups Pro

People DO Judge a Book By It's Cover...

... Or a software by it's box cover.

If you sell any kind of intangible products online like ebooks, software, apps, etc.. having a good looking eCover for your product is a must.

A nice 3D eCover adds more perceived value to your product, it makes you stand out from the competition, it makes your product look more professional, it's great for branding, etc..

And with Cover Mockups Pro you'll be able to create over 100 different photo realistic 3D eCovers for your products... in minutes.

Create eCovers like: book covers, software boxes, binders, magazines, reports, DVDs, brochures, and more!

Give All Your Digital Products an Instant Makeover!


  • Software Boxes
  • Books
  • DVD Cases
  • Binders
  • Reports
  • CD Cases
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Devices
  • And more...

It's Super Easy To Use...

Step 1:
Click on the "smart layer" inside the template.

Step 2:
Copy and paste your 2D design into the "smart layer".

Step 3:
Hit save, and the 2D design get's converted into 3D automatically.

How It Will Help In Your Business

Save BIG On Designer Fees

Hiring someone to create a custom 3D eCover for you will cost anywhere from $25 to $100+ (per cover). When you need multiple eCovers created, these fees can easily add up to multiple $100's or $1,000's. Being able to create a nice eCover on your own will save you tons of money!

Make Your Products Look More Valuable

As I said before, people DO judge a book / product by it's cover. It's the first thing they see. Having a cool looking "virtual" cover for your product can even add more perceived value for your product, and you can charge higher prices.

Re-Brand PLR Products

If you buy PLR or White Label products, then you know the value of being able to re-brand these products. A great way to re-brand your PLR content is to change the graphics / eCovers. Having a custom eCover for your PLR content will make it stand out from all other resellers out there.

Make Your Bonuses Look More Valuable

If you promote products as an affiliate, then you probably know how valuable custom bonuses can be. Having a set of really nice custom bonuses can make you 100 sales on a JV promo, instead of 20 sales. Adding a custom eCover to your bonuses is a GREAT way to make them look unique and valuable.

Why It's a GREAT Deal

There are other eCover making products out there. Why buy this one?

Created by eCover Pro with 15+ years experience

Cover Mockups Pro was created by Max Rylski, who has been "the graphics guy" in Internet Maketing for over 15 years now. Max started in his graphics career as an eCover Designer. He used to run a service where he created 3D covers for clients for $97 per cover. He ran this service for years, and created 100's of custom covers (for some of the top people in the industry). The point is: when it comes to eCovers, Max knows what he's doing and Cover Mockups Pro is his latest and best eCover product.

What Max's Customers Say About His eCover Design Service:

Super High Quality Mockups

The eCover mockups you get with this package are really high quality. The attention to detail is there. Everything from realistic angles, lighting effects, shadows, etc.. Plus, the covers are HD resolution, so you can even use them in print.

Transparent Backgrounds

Each of the eCovers has a transparent background. So you can easily add them to any sales page or on top of any background color.

Unique "Styles" - Make your products look DIFFERENT

Most of the mockups in this package look quite different from other "mockup makers" out there. So even if you already own another set of mockups or eCover makers... the mockups in this bundle will make your products stand out.

Create Group Shots Easily

The eCovers have transparent backgrounds, and they come in similar perspectives... that means you can put them together into multi-cover group bundles. To give your products that HUGE bundle feel.

100 Different eCovers to Choose From...

Software Boxes

Hardcover Books

DVD Cases


Spiral Bound Reports

CD Cases


Trifold Brochures


Misc Mockups

And More!

Grab Your Copy

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Cover Mockups Pro

Special Bonuses

To give you even more value, I put together some nice bonuses. These bonuses are ALL custom made (not public domain or PLR material). And all the bonuses are relevent and make the Cover Mockups Pro package itself better.

Bonus #1: Extra Mockup
3D Shopping Bag

Bonus #2: Extra Mockup

Bonus #3: Extra Mockup
Book Cover

Bonus #4:
3D Identity Mockups

Bonus #5:
3D Hanging Photo Sign

Bonus #6:
3D Shelf Mockup

Bonus #7:
3D Flying Pages Mockup

Bonus #8:
3D Sign Mockups

Bonus #9:
Clean 3D Text Maker

Bonus #10:
Cool 3D Text Maker

Bonus #11:
Editable Stickers & Stars

Bonus #12:
Editable Squared Web Ribbons

Bonus #13:
Editable Social Media Badges

Bonus #14:
Editable "Shiny" Elements

Bonus #15:
Can Mockup

Bonus #16:
Film Mockups

Grab Your Copy

Special Discount

  Regular Price  $97  Your Special Price:

Cover Mockups Pro


Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes it is. You literally just click on clearly marked layer. Then insert your 2D design. Click save. And the 3D eCover is created for you automatically.

Q: Do I need Adobe Photoshop?

A. No, you do not. You can edit all of the 3D Mockups with an online graphics editor. However, if you prefer to use Photoshop, the mockups also work with Photoshop.

Q: Does it work on both PC and Mac?

A: Yes, it's both PC and Mac compatible.

Q: What sort of license do customers get?

A: You get commercial / developer license. Which means you can create unlimited eCovers for yourself AND for your clients.

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